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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Self Test for Blood Sugar Level

What is home test kits of blood sugar level? Home test kits is the instruments you can use to measure your blood sugar numbers at home at your convenience. It is normally easy and convenient to use.

Even if you are not feeling any symptoms of diabetes, it is advisable to do a self test for diabetes level especially if you are at the age of 45 and above. Regardless if your have diabetes record in family history or not, it is always best not to ignore simple medical tests to keep you fit and healthy.

Those who are diabetes patients usually experience symptoms such as difficulty in vision, exhaustion, losing weight drastically, as well as increased hunger and thirst. In this case, monitoring diabetes level daily is essential in controlling diabetes level effectively. There are several home kits which can be purchased from local pharmacies that do not actually need prescription from a physician. Such kits come with some lancets, test strips and user's manuals. These home test kits use batteries to function and are considered the most convenient test kits to use as they can give adhoc results.

Self test for diabetes level can be done using the following basic steps. First is by inserting the glucose strip into the blood sugar meter. Rub your finger with alcohol to sterilize your finger then prick it using the lancet provided in the kit. Draw a few blood drops and set them on the glucose test strip. Secure the lid and after little moment, you'll know the result is complete once you hear a beep.

There are a few different types of home test kits for diabetes, soselecting the suitable one for your needs should be able to provide you with the relief of pricking blood only from your fingers instead of the arms, too. You should get the diabetes home test kit that are tested by the Food and Drug Administration, so you would want to look for the FDA seal as well to make sure that you are only using one which is proven to give accurate results.

Lastly, testing diabetes level at home is very important to find out whether your diabetes level is within control or your diabetes level is losing control. This will relates to the results of your diabetes management. If the results is bad, then you must instantly seek for doctor advice and revise your diabetes plan. With that, the diabetes home test kits will help immensely in measuring the effectiveness of your diabetes management.

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