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Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Cures For Diabetes Are Through Natural Foods and Nutrients

Yes, there are cures for Diabetes. Not only that, it can be cured using natural herbs and nutrients without having to resort to pharmaceutical drugs and medicines. Everyday we hear of breakthroughs in the field of medicine particularly in the Alternative & Complementary domains of treatments. Despite this, in the United States today we have about 20 million people with full blown Diabetes and the numbers are increasing as you read this article. Over 40% of Americans are pre-diabetic. Did you know that the average American consumes about 150 pounds of sugar a year.

Conventional treatments for diabetes are usually targeted to manage the symptoms of diabetes rather than addressing the root cause of diabetes. Diabetes is a result of an overworked and damaged pancreas which is unable to produce the insulin our body needs to regulate the sugar levels in our blood. The job of the pancreas is to produce insulin which is a hormone. When we consume carbohydrates like white bread, potatoes, corn flakes and sugar which have a high glycemic index, the pancreas has to work very hard to produce more insulin. When the pancreas has to work overtime for long periods, it's function will be compromised. So diabetics need to control their diet by eating more foods with low glycemic indices like most fruits and vegetables, grainy breads, yoghourt and legumes.

One way of overcoming this problem of high sugar foods is to help the body to metabolize sugar properly. There are many natural diabetes treatments using natural foodstuff which can be used to treat this disease. In Ayurvedic medicine whch originated from India, there are dozens of foods we can use to help the pancreas metabolize sugar. For example, Cinnamon makes your body use insulin more efficiently. Cinnamon is a very common spice found in Asian cooking particularly in Indian curries. You can even get the ground stuff in any supermarket. Another traditional Ayurvedic remedy for diabetes is Gymnema Sylvestre. This potent herb has the ability to regenerate pancreatic (Beta) cells and controls the digestion of sugars which we eat. Konjac Manan is another potent herb which has been clinically tested and found to be very effective in bringing down blood sugar levels.

Coming back to our question about diabetes cures . There is not one but many cures and you can get these cures from Alternative Medicine practitioners and the doctors who practise Alternative medicine. Did you know that there is a substance in our bodies which hold the key to blood sugar control ? Its called ADIPONECTIN. I'll bet you didn't. Scientists have discovered that a mushroom known as Agaricus Blazei can boost adiponectin levels which means your body doesn't have to work overtime to clear sugar from your blood efficiently.

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