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Sunday, September 18, 2011

10 Tips on How to Lower your Blood Sugar Level

Diabetes is the sixth biggest killer worldwide, affecting 10% of the adult population and will kill 65% of sufferers who do nothing to control their disease, Diabetes can show no early symptoms to sufferers. and has now been classified as an epidemic, if you are Overweight, Obese, fall into a high risk group, or otherwise follow a "Bad" diet or lifestyle, then be sure you read this.

10 Tips on How to lower blood sugar levels:

In this article I shall confine myself to: Type 2 diabetes, this is where the hormone insulin is being produced by the pancreas, but the body is either resistant to, or not utilizing this hormone, resulting in high blood sugar levels.

The other situation of great concern is prediabetes which is believed to affect up to an alarming 20% of the population, it is in truth a milder form of diabetes where the insulin produced is not utilised properly by the body resulting in high blood sugar levels, and without taking immediate measures to lower blood sugar levels it will certainly become diabetes per se.

IDF president Jean Claude Mbanya said, "The epidemic represents nothing short of a global health emergency,It is alarming that world leaders stand by while the diabetes fuse slowly burns. The serious impact on families, countries and economies continues with little resistance. Governments, aid agencies and the international community must take concerted action to defuse the threat now, before the diabetes time bomb explodes."

If you are Overweight,Obese, Have had diabetes in the family or otherwise fall into a high risk group I urge you to see your Doctor, do not try to self diagnose Diabetes it is far to serious a condition to second guess. If you unfortunately are diagnosed with Diabetes or Prediabetes, do something about it now, tick tock,tick tock

10 Tips on How to Lower Blood Sugar

1. Lose weight: the majority of diabetics are overweight or Obese. Losing any weight will help to lower your blood sugar, if you can lose 10% of your body weight you will notice definite health benefits.

2. Take some regular exercise: by taking exercise you will reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels, help control blood pressure and help to lower blood sugar levels.We are not talking about training for a triathlon here, a little brisk walking, going for a bike ride, maybe some swimming, or take up an energetic hobby or sport, should it be golf then leave the buggy in the garage.

3. Try to get 8 hours sleep a night: research has shown that people who sleep well naturally regulate their hunger better, also sleep helps with stress which causes problems of their own,

4. Eat foods high in natural fiber, such as fruits, vegetables and whole grain breads.

5. look up the GI index of foods you normally eat, stay clear of the high GI foods and reduce the medium GI foods.

6. Never skip meals: Try to eat many small meals, to keep your blood sugar steady throughout the day, never binge eat.

7. Use common sense, diabetes is a disease of regular self abuse in most cases, if you have diabetes you must control it .Avoid cakes, cookies and candies, these foods will cause a very rapid increase in blood sugar levels. If you simply must eat them then do so immediately after meals.

8. Avoid eating excess saturated fats, such as red meat, butter, or other dairy, apart from helping to lower your blood sugar this will also reduce your calorie intake and help lose weight.

9. Try to reduce your alcohol intake to a minimum, most alcohol has a lot of "hidden" sugar and is a source of rubbish calories, in any event alcohol will not help your motivation to lose weight exercise or anything for that matter.

10.Ensure your diet has all the vitamins and minerals needed to help the body properly use the insulin produced, diabetics are normally lacking in certain nutrients that are essential to help lower blood sugar, if you think your diet may be lacking these essential nutrients then try supplementing your diet with quality natural supplements.

Pharmaceutical drug treatments for Diabetes 2 do not have a good record. The biggest problem being that the user will have false belief that a drug or combination of drugs can completely save an individual from a lifestyle that will inevitably cause life threatening diseases. A diabetic is a diabetic in most due to years of abuse through bad diet and lifestyle cases and must learn self-discipline skills as diabetes is not the only disease that awaits to claim lives.

If you have absolutely no intention of trying to control your diabetes through natural means there are several pharmaceutical drugs available that will help control your diabetes in one of several ways.

One that we prescribe and recommend (as a last resort) for treating Type 2 diabetes. is Metformin (brand name Glucophage) it is in a class of drugs called biguanides that helps reduce blood sugar levels by changing the way the body handles insulin.namely, by preventing the liver from producing excess glucose and by helping muscle and fat cells more sensitive to the insulin produced. Metformin will also help control cholesterol and triglyceride levels.In most cases the side effects of metformin are restricted to diarrhea and nausea.

However a far more serious side effect is Lactic acidosis (excessive lactic acid in the bloodstream), this condition is more likely to occur in people who suffer any form of liver orkidney disease or congestive heart failure. AND in these who drink alcohol on a regular basis by this I mean as little as four drinks a week, should you suffer any of these conditions and are seeking medication from your Doctor be sure to mention them to the Doctor.

In Conclusion

Whilst we realise that making sometimes drastic changes to your diet and lifestyle are not easy, but I can assure you the consequences of not making these changes will be dire, diabetes is a killer and kills in one way or another more than 65% of sufferers who do nothing to control the condition. For more information on Diabetes and how to control it please visit us:

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