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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Lose Inner Thigh Fat

Which beauty treatment will be The One for you? 
The fat chance is you won't likely know until you've paid, and waited weeks if not months for your new body shaping results to show. Some mix of hope, chance and right treatment strategy could just return that bounce to your step, and give you thinner shapelier thighs.

When you gain fat, you do it all around your core and in other areas of your body. The same way that you cannot gain fat in one specific area you also cannot lose fat in a specific area either.

Having a goal like this is great motivation; it gives you something real to work towards which you will find really helpful.
The thigh master is good here, and there is probably a machine at your gym that works in this way too. It will probably be called the adductor machine.
If you do not have either of these things, try this one simple exercise. Lie on your back on an exercise mat with your feet straight up in the air. Keeping your legs straight, lower your legs outwards so that they form a V shape.  Start off easy, work up to three  sets of 10 for best results.  Can add jumping jacks to this rountine for faster results.

Fast squats are very effective.
How fast do you squat? Well, as fast as you can... but for the best results you should squat at least 20 times per minute. I advocate that you do this for 5 minutes straight... so 100 reps of squats in those 5 minutes minimum.

So find a treadmill that adjusts and inclines and then slightly incline it and get to walking for 20-25 minutes at least 4 times a week. If you're not used to walking, just making this 1 change will make a HUGE difference and you'll almost immediately start to burn off fat.

Diet & exercise. Sorry if you were looking for something easier but there is nothing easier. Pills don't work. Specific exercises don't work. What does work is a combination of a good fat burning diet (that's a diet which is focused on "Green Light" foods which force your body to burn fat) along with cardio and strength training exercises. You can get rid of inner thigh fat but you just need to take the right approach.

Each pound of muscle you add to your body will burn an extra 50 calories per day even at rest. This is the best way you can raise your metabolism long term so that you not only burn fat faster but that you keep that fat off forever!

Here is some advice on how to lose inner thigh fat:

1. Make sure you exercise at least six days a week
2. Eat right, and eat small meals throughout the day, to keep your metabolism moving. Try to eat some fruit and lots of fresh raw green vegetables.

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