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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Monitoring Your Blood Glucose Levels

Your blood glucose sugar level is an important aspect of your health, and this level can actually become life threatening if it rises too high or drops too low. If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, your blood sugar is critical to controlling the disease and living a healthy and complication free life. If you develop complications of diabetes and problems with your levels of blood sugar it can lead to changes in your lifestyle, medical problems, and even surgery and amputation of your legs and feet if your blood sugar is not controlled. There are a vareity of tips on ways that you can control your blood sugar which can help you avoid complications of diabetes and prevent other medical problems from starting. If you are able to catch the disease early enough you may not need to take medications, and some lifestyle and diet changes may be enough to keep your blood sugar under control without drugs.

Exercise plays a big part in your maintaining appropriate blood glucose sugar levels. The benefit of exercise is that your glucose level will go down and stay lower for an extended time. Daily physical will allow you to have fewer blood glucose, or sugar, problems. Blood sugar is used for physical activity simply because it is the fastest and easiest form of energy, and staying physically fit and active will lower the chances of you developing diabetes and complications caused by high blood sugar levels. Regular exercise will help control the level of sugar in your blood, and also prevent other medical conditions such as obesity and other health problems.

When it comes to health problems saturated fats can be almost as bad as sugar. It is important to avoid saturated fats as this will help you keep your blood sugar and fats under control. If you are suffering from diabetes or blood sugar problems, it is important to eat a healthy and nutritious diet that is low in added sugar and saturated fats, and high in nutrients and fiber. It is important to include plenty of water, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, lean protein, and whole grains, and eliminate fatty and sugary foods. By doing this you will naturally keep the sugar in your blood at a normal level, and avoid dumping large amounts of glucose into your blood. If you are suffering from diabetes, even in the early stages, you may also suffer from fatigue. A proper diet will give you energy without making your diabetes worse by increasing the amount of glucose in your blood.

Diabetes insipidus is another type of diabetes that is not considered sugar diabetes but is sometimes called water diabetes. With Diabetes insipidus you will notice an excessive amount of urine and frequent urination. It is easy to become dehydrated very quickly if not enough fluid is taken in, and certain medications may cause you to become over hydrated and suffer from water intoxication. Your blood glucose sugar levels with diabetes insipidus are not as critical, but you should still ensure that these levels stay normal.

Again, eating smaller meals and avoiding soft drinks and other sugary fluids can also help you control your blood sugar levels, and prevent any complications or health problems from diabetes mellitus and diabetes insipidus. Either very high or very low blood glucose sugar levels can become life threatening, so controlling these levels is very important. It is also important to understand the early signs of diabetes, so that you can seek medical help and advice if you start to develop any of these signs and symptoms. Catching your diabetes early is the main key to controlling this disease and your blood sugar levels successfully, and preventing any future complications and medical problems which can alter your life.

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